I was born in 1946. I'm originally a physician. I was a cardiologist, an internist and a lung specialist, now I'm not practicing, I'm retired. During my medical career I went to many institutions of health care, for some time I was the director of medicine at St. Rókus Hospital and then the director general of MÁV Hospital. However, this site is not about physician issues, but physics.

This is because when I was a student, I became infected by Professor Lajos Jánossy with the theory of relativity. From then on, I read every book that came under my control, but despite my best efforts, I did not understand how time is relative. However, this did not discourage me, I continued reading and when the time allowed, I was thinking about the mystery.

Around 1988, I came to realize the secret of the secret, and created a new theory of relativity that replaced the three basic assumptions of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (photon hypothesis, application of Galileo's Relativity Principle in Electrodynamics, and finally that the speed of light is absolutely constant). The new "special" relativity theory, was named the Relativity Theory of Force-space Interactions. With the help of the three new axioms, all experimental results can be quantified, which are supposedly obtained only by Einstein's theory, but without absurdities.

My ideas were briefly formulated in my first book published in 1989 (And yet there is Ether! Einstein was wrong, time is not relative!  164 pages ISBN 963 0470 00 4). This book did not contain all the experiments to account for the creator of a new theory that required the presentation of the history of classical relativity theories, so in 2003 I published a much more extensive work (Einstein was wrong! Relativity theories from antiquity to the present day. 800 pages ISBN 963-204-055-4). In 2017, it was time for me to publish larger material in English, which was justified by the fact that in the meantime many changes had taken place in international literature, and that my 2003 book had some annoying mistakes to correct.

Title of the English edition: Textbook of Common Sense Relativity Theory - Lie-gallery of einsteinism. 669 pages, 2017, ISBN 978-615-00-0684-0, and You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/6150006840?ref%20=pe%20870760


Gyula Korom

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